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Operational and Head Office Support


One of Practical’s major strengths is our support system.  Not only do our franchisees benefit from over 30 years’ experience of franchising, they also get the support of a Head Office that is dedicated to helping them develop and grow their business.

Departments such as Leasing, Insurance and Central Reservations will advise and help you manage your renters and rentals, along with risk management advice.

Practical recognises that the franchise is a significant investment, both in terms of money and time and ensure that the operational support is second to none.  Each franchise is allocated an Area Operations Manager, who will help you to deal with start up facilities, such as merchant services, signage and vehicle livery to name but a few.

Ongoing, your Area Manager will advise on and help with marketing and outside sales, social media marketing and any day to day issues.  All Area Managers have extensive rental experience and our franchisees benefit from their familiarity and understanding of the vehicle hire business.