Prestige Car Hire Helps You Pull!

New research shows that if men really want to rev-up a woman’s engine on a first date, they should hire a posh car to make the ultimate entrance.

The study undertaken to mark the launch of the new Select Series range, revealed that two in five women (39%) think turning up for a date in a flash motor makes a good first impression, ensures a man stands out from the dating crowd (12%) and gives them instant sex appeal (8%), making them more attractive from the outset.

Top cars guaranteed to get the female pulse racing include an Aston Martin (20%), Lamborghini (11%), Porsche (10%), Ferrari (9%), Audi (6%) and Mercedes-Benz (8%). One in ten men (10%) even admit they’d hire a flash set of wheels for a first date to put them firmly ahead of the competition and 10% would doctor their online dating profile by posing for a picture next to a high-end car to increase female attention.

In fact, latest sales data for Avis highlights a 409% increase over the last two years* of posh hires from its premium Select Series range, as men try to boost their dating credentials.

Men opting for a premium car can be reassured they’ll be giving out all the right signals, including giving the impression they’re a high earner (36%), with a high powered job (20%) and in possession of keys to a posh property (9%).