Moving House – Self Drive Van Hire

The first step of your move will be to figure out the size of truck you will need as well as the distance traveled. In many cases rental agencies will charge a usual flat daily rate, coming with a predetermined set of miles, while other agencies will charge an inclusive rate. You should make sure you are aware of the size and mileage of the truck you have chosen before you do the research so you can compare prices in the end. You also need to figure out how long you'll need to use the truck, as well as the type of move you will have to deal with – one way or two way. Keep in mind that most companies will charge extra for a one-way move as this includes a charge for recovering their vehicle. Something else you might want to keep in mind is that the truck itself has to be able to accommodate at least 10% more than the volume of your household belongings just in case. Its better to have a bit of extra space rather than being forced to take another trip.


Consider calling several rental agencies so you can eventually find the one that works best for you. Keep in mind that the cheapest agencies are not necessarily the best – ask the company representatives about what is included in the price you are paying for as well as if there are any discounts, depending on the location of your move. It is always good to ask so you can figure out whether they have a good deal for you or not.


After you decide which company to use, you should go online or call up the agency at least two weeks before you manage to reserve a truck.   If you happen to be moving during the high season – June to September, you should do your best to book as soon as possible. High season will usually mark higher prices and a higher demand for services too, so act quickly before you lose your chance to get good prices. This is also the best time to find any additional tools you might need during the move. This may include an extra trailer or even towing equipment or dolly.


If you visit your chosen agency in person or you call them up, they will most likely want to know some details surrounding your move. One of the most common questions will be the date and time of the pickup as well as the starting point and destination intended. They will also want to know when you'll have a chance to return their vehicle.


In some cases agencies may even go as far as to ask what you're moving. You can give them a decent, general idea about the contents of the move, such as “moving a 2-bedroom apartment” or something similar, also letting them know about special items like pianos and the like. This will allow the agency to provide you with good tips on the tools you might need to get the job done.


When pickup day arrives, you should ensure you take all important documents along with you. This will absolutely include your driver's license as well as well as any other documents you may need, depending on the nature of your move. You must also check up with your credit card company as well as insurance companies so you can be aware whether your insurance company covers you all the way. Make sure you take all important documents pertaining your insurance along with you on the road, as they will be important if you get in an accident.


Rental agencies will usually provide insurance as well for a small fee on a per day basis. Ask them about the coverage of your goods as some agencies will offer total loss insurance if you need it. Check whether the agency will offer value insurance which will replace the original value of all your items in case of a serious accident and complete loss. Ask as many questions as you feel you need to and make your choice accordingly.

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