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Investment Required

The initial franchise fee will be between £7000 & £10,000, depending on the size and population of your town or city. Our ongoing system fee is 6% of your rental income.   Our marketing fee is 2%.  This contributes to Practical’s well optimised website, as well as  and other advertising, online and nationally.

Dependant on size of your operation, the amount of further capital investment could be reduced if vehicles are leased from Practical. A smaller location, such as an add-on to an existing business, may require as little as £15,000 working capital, whilst free standing sites could require an investment from £50,000.

As well as the saving you make on our nationally negotiated deals for services and products, the franchise fee entitles you to:

  • Full Practical branding (including licence to operate under our copyrighted name.)
  • Advertising/marketing campaigns and initial supply of stationery/business forms, location signage & vehicle livery
  • Expert fleet management (including advice on size/mix, favourable terms with major manufacturers and a precise business growth and cash flow plan as well as use of the Practical leasing service)
  • Initial training and ongoing support (including a thorough 3-day training course for up to 3 people, comprehensive operational assistance and our rental software package)
  • The use of our vehicle rental insurance package