How to Drive a Hire Van or Truck

Hire vans are excellent choices for those who wish to deal with moving across the country, and after taking some care in driving them, you can get used to them. They are still larger and less manoeuvrable than the usual cars, so some tips are in order to deal with them. Follow the information of this article to gain some insight into what you can do to adapt:

  • Check out the size of the load you have to deal with. Depending on the volume, you may have to work with something significantly larger than a van, such as a 7.5 tonne truck
  • Lookup the available sizes of rental vehicles on your chosen rental website for what you can compare to your belongings. Some rental companies offer special membership options, which allow you to obtain better discounts and benefits. If you are working with a company who has an affiliate programme available due to doing business with a certain rental company, you will likely enjoy these benefits
  • Check out any hotels in the area and book rooms in advance if the drive is too far. The worst thing that may happen to you is to end up driving too far and being tired, while having to sleep in the vehicle itself with no vacancy in hotels nearby
  • Consider the dimensions of your vehicle and do your best to drive accordingly. If you're not used to driving larger vehicles you will experience great difficulties, especially if your driving experience is not that great
  • Take some food along so you can eat and drink during the drive if you feel like it. Any other type of entertainment could be used as well, such as audio books and music if you feel the road is long. Avoid parking for fast food as the vehicle is more difficult to park because of its size. You'll be driving a taller vehicle, so use the vantage point you have from your seat and observe the road carefully
  • The dimensions of your vehicle are larger, so take them into account when you're passing someone. Avoid tailgating at all costs, as your vehicle's brakes will still carry you farther because of its increased mass
  • Keep the rental company's number on you so you can contact them in case of trouble with the vehicle or other instructions.

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