Franchisee Profile – Edward Hamilton of Practical Biggleswade

We are running a series of Franchisee Profiles on some of our locations – some are new to the Practical network, some have been with us for years.  We want to find out a little more about them and what makes our franchisees tick.  

This month’s profile is Edward Hamilton, from our Biggleswade franchise.   Ed started his franchise with us 7 years ago, taking over an extremely small local business with just 3 vans on fleet.  His first month’s revenue was just £761.  Within 12 months, he had increased his fleet to an average of 9 vehicles.    Since then, he has taken his business with Practical from strength to strength.   In the last 12 months, in the height of the recession and amidst extremely difficult trading conditions, Ed has bucked the trend and increased his fleet to 90 vehicles and his utilisation to over 70%, ranging from small cars to large 7.5 tonne lorries, with revenue to reflect this.


Where did you grow up?  Alton, Hampshire
What was your first job after you left school? Apprentice Mechanic with Aston Martin, Dublin
What was your first vehicle?  MGB
Why did you join Practical and when?  6 years ago – the then Biggleswade franchisee approached me and offered me the business.
 What were your expectations of joining a franchise? Interesting side line
How has the rental business changed since you joined Practical? Harder due to the economic climate
What does Practical bring to you over being an independent rental operator? Security
How could you improve your rental turnover going forward? Massive investment
What do you do in your day to day role?  Panic, Stress, Worry
What do you think the future will bring in our industry? Huge growth
What vehicle do you drive now?  Phaeton
Describe yourself in 5 words  Enigmatic, Loyal, Pedantic, Charismatic, Non-Conformist