Disputes at the Wheel Spell Disaster!



65% of drivers argue with their other half in the car

67% say their partner’s driving riles them

One in ten have had an accident or near miss because of an argument!


Personal bad habits, leering at passers-by and the in-laws are just some of the reasons why couples come to blows in the comfort of their own car, says a new study.   According to research by Thrifty Car and Van Rental, more than two thirds of motorists (67%) admit their partner’s driving riles them, with sixty five per cent divulging they regularly argue with their other half in the car. Worryingly one in ten  (13%) drivers confess that their in-car squabbling has caused them to have an accident or near miss. The survey of 3,000 motorists reveals that what really gets on women’s nerves is when their man drives too close behind other vehicles; with nearly half (45%)  saying this causes a row. More disgusting reasons for ladies losing it with their loved ones include personal bad habits (12%). 

Money worries (30%), household chores (21%), ogling at other drivers (5%), cutting other motorists up (14%), using a mobile phone (14%) driving too close to other vehicles (45%), fiddling with in car gadgets (17%) and DIY (9%) are just some of the other reasons why a rumpus occurs, according to the ladies polled.   When it comes to men; continually getting lost when their partner is behind the wheel angers a fifth (21%). Bickering over money worries forces a third (30%) to fall

out with their other half, while squabbling over the in-laws causes grief for sixteen per cent. Playing irritating music means eighteen per cent come to blows and shockingly nearly one in ten (9%) admit they only get in the car with their partner if they absolutely have to.