Renter Not returned

We all get renters who don’t return the vehicle on time – we don’t tend to consider this stolen, more of an inconvenience to you as you may have a renter waiting for the vehicle.   As the rental agreement is a legal agreement between you and the renter, you can’t classify the vehicle as “stolen“, but rather this is “converted“.  Below is our suggested letter to prompt the renter to bring the vehicle back as soon as possible.  If the renter does not return the vehicle, this letter will allow you to turn the agreement into a criminal matter and the Police should treat the matter accordingly.

This letter must be printed on Headed paper with your address as per Franchise Agreement and RA.  You need to send this to the licence address so that it has to be signed for, and our suggestion is that you text and email the letter with a Read Receipt if possible.

Address of Renter as per RA

RA number XXXX



I am writing to withdraw permission for you to rent the vehicle XXXX after xxxx time on xxxxx date.

Rental Agreement number xxxx states clearly that vehicles not returned on time will be be presumed stolen and you have signed your agreement to this statement.

After this time if the vehicle is not returned it will be reported to XXXX Police station as a stolen vehicle.

I urge you to return the vehicle before xxxx time on xxxxx date to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and potential police investigation.

Yours dincerely,